About ECT and Asatru

The East Coast Thing is an annual event that is organized by and for the Asatru communities of the US East Coast. The event takes place at Camp Netimus which is nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains near Milford PA, and lasts from Wednesday until Sunday. The week will feature a variety of events:

-Worship and ritual events celebrating the Aesir and other sacred aspects of the Asatru religion.
-Workshops and classes on music, art, history, literature, and Asatru religion and practice.
-Children’s crafting and games.
-Vendors with a variety of Asatru themed crafts and jewelry.
-ECT Raffle and Auction, who’s proceeds cover the programming and running of ECT each year.
-Contests and competitions featuring prizes for winners.

ECT has been taking place annually since 1999 and is not put on by any single organization. It’s an organic, regional community building event. As such the event has historically been hosted by rotating groups of volunteers. As of the 2015 ECT, the event is being hosted by a regular committee of volunteers called the “ECTeam”.

Our beliefs and stances:

The East Coast Thing is a community building event serving people who identify with the religious traditions of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, centered around the deities collectively known as Aesir in English (Icelandic Æsir, Old English ēse, Old High German ensî).

Asatru, Anglicized from Icelandic Ásatrú, literally means “The religiosity relating to the Aesir“. This means that in Asatru we celebrate the deities, traditions, myths, and symbols of the traditional Scandinavian and North European gods and related beings. Asatru is non-dogmatic and decentralized, so groups and individuals relate to these traditions as they see fit.

We believe Asatru, as a religious identity, is open to all people. We ask that all attendees abide by frith as, East Coast Thing is welcoming to people of all ethnicities and sexual orientations, and is intended as a safe, hospitable place of joy and fellowship. We do not welcome racism, or racially/ethnically exclusionary agendas. We reserve the right to reject registrations submitted based on our own discretion.