Art Contest 2018

ECT 2018 Art Contest Guidelines

Who:       Anyone attending the 2018 ECT

What:     Submit a work of visual art that reflects this year’s theme (announced below).

When:    The submitted work must have been created between ECT 2017 and ECT 2018.

Where:  The artist must submit their work, in person, at the 2018 ECT.

Prizes:  Cash prizes will be awarded:

  • $100 first prize
  • $50 second prize
  • $25 third prize


Theme:  Animals in the Lore

Dear artists,

The theme of this year’s ECT Art Contest is animals in the lore.  Let inspiration guide your imagination!  Perhaps you will find yourself deepening your relationship with our Gods or Goddesses, or maybe your artwork will inspire someone else and deepen their connection to a God or Goddess.  At the very least, you get to show off your mad art skills and maybe win some cash!

The artwork submitted may be 2D or 3D.  It can be any sort of non-electronic visual media.  So, it can be a piece of digitally produced art, it just can’t be a video- it must be printed.  It’s got to be consistent with the theme of the contest.  It may not be performance art. 

So go on and get inspired and be inspiring!  I triple dog dare you!

Questions regarding the ECT 2018 Art Contest can be sent to Denise Bowen at


2017 Art Contest Winners

2017 1st Place – Matthew “Split” Melling

2017 2nd Place – Diane Richardson

2017 3rd Place – Nancy Lucas