Art Contest 2019

ECT 2019 Art Contest Guidelines

Who:       Anyone attending the 2019 ECT

What:     Submit a work of visual art that reflects this year’s theme (announced below).

When:    The submitted work must have been created between ECT 2018 and ECT 2019.

Where:  The artist must submit their work, in person, at the 2019 ECT.

Prizes:  Cash prizes will be awarded:

  • $100 first prize
  • $50 second prize
  • $25 third prize

Theme:  “Houses of the Holy”

No, not the Led Zeppelin album, the actual houses of the Gods, Goddesses, and friendly wights in our lore. So, Asgard, Vanaheim… What does Saga’s hall look like? What kind of wall art do you suppose Aegir has on his walls?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Be creative! Be adventurous! Impress us with your awesomeness!

Also, I am hoping to see some dioramas here. They don’t have to be, but come on! Don’t throw away that shoe box! Get your art on!

Be there or be square! ECT Art Contest!

Questions regarding the ECT 2019 Art Contest can be sent to Denise Bowen at

2018 Art Contest Winners

2018 1st Place – Diane Richardson

2018 2nd Place – Jesseca Trainham

2018 3rd Place – Corrine Johnson