Children’s Activities

Children’s Activities at ECT 2017

Here is a list of the Youth Activities taking place at this year’s Thing. Days, times, and locations will be available soon.  Want to help with any of this year’s activities or have an idea for a youth workshop for next year?  Please contact Caryn MacLuan on Facebook or at to volunteer and she will be able to provide more details.


Viking Age Weaponry   (Youth but adults also welcome)

This class will be a hands on demonstration and discussion of Viking age weaponry, history, who was using them, how they were used and how they were made.


Basic Swordspersonship  (Youth+)

We will cover basic sword moves both offensive and defensive and allow time for the participants to practice.


Swim Time  

Saturday, right after the canoe races.  Parents are encouraged to accompany their children.


Children’s Archery    

This will probably happen after the adult archery completion. Parents are encouraged to help supervise this event.


Youth Sumbel

Sumbel is our most sacred ritual.   Kids and teens are encouraged to come hail the Gods, hail the ancestors, and brag about their accomplishments in the past year.  We will have written parts if teens would like to take any of the main parts and help to teach the children.


Activity Table in the Pavillion

Self play activities such as blocks and coloring.  Parents are asked to please keep an eye on this and help keep the toys and coloring materials in one place.


Water Weapons

Self play with buckets of water and water weapons. Children, youth, and parents are asked to help make sure the weapons get back to the flagpole before each meal.


Find the Heathen Rocks

Carved stones with runes or messages will be hidden in plain sight around the camp. The youth can search for these during the event and keep the ones they find.


Paint the World Tree

Paint a World Tree on a large sheet and learn about the different realms, and lore around the World Tree at the same time.  The children will make the leaves with their hand prints on the world tree and as they paint the design, we will be telling them lore about all the animals, the realms, and Odin discovering the runes by hanging on the tree. We also welcome having the adults also put hand prints on the tree. Children under 6 need a parent to help.


T-Shirt Tie-Dye

Make your own tie-dye T-shirt to take home.  Children should bring a white or light color cotton T-Shirt. Children under 6 need a parent to help.