20th Anniversary Concert

Since this year is our 20th Annual East Coast Thing, we are putting on a concert!

On Friday night, after the Skaldic Competition, come join us at the Amphitheater to hear three bands with members from our very own Northeast Asatru community!


Trú Spirit

Trú Spirit is the combined creative effort of Jonathan Cyr and Ingmar Lauer of Raven Kindred North and Raven Kindred Germany.  Their music ranges from tales of the deep-rooted Norse tradition, to inspirational songs of celebration, to jovial party tunes able to enliven any heathen gathering! Ingmar is a professional musician teaching in Cologne, Germany while Jonathan is a campfire poet from the backwoods of Maine.  Together, they create moving artistic pieces, pleasant to both the ears and soul.



Læknishljómar (healing sounds) is a one of a kind project created by Sigurboði Grétarsson. The project draws inspiration from many religions, customs, rituals and shamanism but its main aspects are old Norse practices, paganism and rune magic. The music is deep and therapeutic but it can also delve deep into the human soul to reveal both pleasant and unpleasant things. Each performance makes light of a completely new magic rune stave and their affects can be either good or bad, sometimes both but are often strong and powerful. Activating these runes requires a lot of self-control and restraint. They are activated through the music with heavy drumming, throat singing, chanting and whispers. Instruments may be used as well depending on what kind of stave is being made. Performances are collaborated with different artists, each with their unique strengths and styles.


Nornir Call

Nornir Call is a Heathen band devoted to honoring the Gods, Ancestors, and Folk with music. Nornir Call is Jeffrey & Jo Spinks, Berge Ironside, and Jude Benedict-Ess.