We will post more information about this year’s rituals as ECT draws closer.  For now, here are last year’s.

ECT 2016 Rituals 

Opening Ritual

Wednesday August 24th at the Fire Pit. 7:30 pm.

The Opening Ritual will welcome all to ECT, both those present and those who come later that week.  We will honor the Landvaetir with offerings and ask for their welcome and blessings for our time at Camp Netimus. We will honor the gods and hallow the area where their shrines will stand this year. We will honor the community and declare ECT a holy time. The importance and meaning of Frith will be stressed.


Memorial to Larry (Lavrans) Miller

Friday, August 25th   at the Fire Pit 7 pm


Main Blot

Saturday August  27th at the Fire Pit. 7:30 pm.

The Main Blot will follow last year’s format. There will be a procession, and offerings will be collected from the many ve and given to the gods. There will be music, prayers and toasts.

Please read the Ritual Guidelines Page for information on offerings and other FAQ.

A workshop regarding the meanings and symbolism of the blot will be held prior to the ritual.


Closing Ritual

Sunday August 28th location and time to be determined.

A toast will be offered thanking the Landvaetir for their hospitality. We will toast one another, both old and new friends alike, and wish each other a safe trip home.


Please check the Vés page for information on Rituals to be held for a particular god.  When the schedule is completed, the times will also be posted here.