2019 Vendors

Blue Rayven Designs

Paintings, Drawings, Bone art

By Ray

A Touch of Glass…and then some

Stained Glass, Fused Glass and Aromatherapy Herbal Heat/Cold Bags

By Diane Richardson

Eir’s Garden

Eir’s Garden is a place to find beautifully handcrafted, natural products; soaps, laundry soap, household cleaning products, lotions, creams, teas, tinctures, salves, acne protocol and more…

Lady Buckthorn

Asatru artworks on wood & glass

by Jesseca Trainham

Aegir’s Hall

Honey, Beeswax Candles & other Hive Products


A Stitch in Time Designs

A place to find unique hand made items. Whether your need is to keep warm, keep things safe, add to an outfit, reduce and reuse, a poppet, or a sewing buddy, there is something for you.

Fire, Steel, and Bone

A workshop and forge creating unique blades, sculptures, and other works of art

Heathen Home

Heathen jewelry, Baltic amber, drinking horns, clothing, and more


Accessories & Jewelry


Jewelry & Lapidary Work

Gollinkambi Kindred

Crafts and Collectables

Grafes Ende Pyrography

Contemporary Heathen & Pagan Wood-Burned Crafts. Wood-burned god posts (statues/idols), and other items for a heathen/pagan stall/wēofod (altar), or hearth and home!

Idolatree Designs

Carved horn, bone, antler. Paintings and other decorative crafts.

Elusive Concepts, LLC

Wood and Leather Jewelry, Bags, and Decor

Kinsman Crafts

Carved horns & Jewelry


Baltic, Finnic, Nordic, Slavic? Continuing to honor the old gods and spirits today through replicas from the Viking Age and beyond plus original work in silver and bronze.

Skaldic Eagle

Poetry books. Hand-made, carved & painted rune lots and rune wands. If complete in time, the NE Heathen Poetry/Story/Art Anthology.


Knitted Goods

Groa’s Mathoms

Heathen-related art, crafts, and books

Janicedottir Fiber Arts

Scandinavian/Viking Inspired Fiber Arts and Crafts

Vending spots for ECT 2019 have all been filled. Thank you to all the wonderful artisans, craftspeople, and creative folks of the Northeast who have applied for a spot in the vending pavilion. We look forward to seeing what you all bring to this year’s Thing!