This year, the Ve Stead will feature 16 Ves. As it gets closer to ECT, more info will be posted and attendees will also receive a Ve guide when they arrive and sign in.

Some preliminary information on Ves and Ve rituals: 

Throughout the event, there will be rituals scheduled at individual Ves. Times will be listed in the ECT schedule. A separate Ve guide/schedule that contains more details will also be provided. Though Ves may host official rituals, whenever there is not a scheduled ritual happening, the Ves are available for attendees to visit and do their own private communing. We ask that any food items left at Ves be in sealed containers, or better yet- wait until after dinner, just before the main ritual begins, and give your edible offerings then (because bears and raccoons and skunks, Oh My!).

There are certain Ves that will not be included in the main ritual. Saturday’s main ritual is for the Gods and Goddesses. Like last year, there will be a procession and opportunity for offerings to be given. Please note that the Loki Ve will be excluded from the main ritual. Offerings made to him, at his Ve, will be handled separately. We understand that there are good people in our community with very different views of Laufey’s son. In light of the differing needs within our community, his Ve will be located on the edge of the Ve Stead, and no attendee is under any obligation to interact with him or his Ve. In no way will he be associated with the main ritual and his offerings will in no way blend with those to the other deities. The Ancestor and Landvættir Ves are not God or Goddess focused, and so will not be included. Offerings left at these Ves will be handled by their respective Ve Keepers.

Please note that different Ves have different guidelines and may run their rituals differently. The Ve guide provided at check-in will contain notes for each Ve. Questions can be directed to the specific Ve Keepers listed or to Denise Bowen:

Denise Bowen and Josh Rood

Please find the list of Ves and schedule for Rituals below:

Download (PDF, 358KB)