Open call for folks interested in keeping a Vé or helping out with Vés at the 2017 ECT!

The Vé committee is always happy to have more hands on deck.  If you were at ECT and wished there was a Vé to a certain deity and there wasn’t, consider the possibility that maybe you are the right person for that Vé.  If you loved a particular Vé that was there and want to help out, let us know and we can get you in touch with the people who run that Vé.  If you just think the Vés are awesome and you want to be one of our totally awesome and needed helpers, let us know!

To volunteer, please contact Denise Bowen at idolatree@gmail.com.

Current 2017 Vé List

  • Odin Vé
  • Thor Vé
  • Frigga Vé
  • Freya Vé
  • Frey Vé
  • Forseti Vé
  • Njord Vé
  • Hel Vé
  • Heimdall Vé
  • Mimisbrunnur
  • Eir Vé
  • Sunna Vé
  • Ancestors Vé
  • Regin Vé