Viking Games 2019

ECT 2019 Games

For the Art Competition (all weekend), Skaldic Competition (Friday Night) and Kubb Tournament (Friday afternoon), please see their respective pages.

Heathen Hold’em

Returning for a 12th year! In ancient times, heathens gathered in the beer hall to test their luck by gambling. Here at ECT, you can join in the fun with your fellow heathens, playing the hottest poker game in Vinland, No-Limit Hold’em! Same deal as last year, with limited seating and prizes for the top finishers. Number and value of prizes based on number of participants. B.Y.O.B  ($20 entry)

Viking Games

On Saturday afternoon come compete in our games of strength and skill, as participant or spectator, everyone always has a great time with these games.  Bragging rights and prizes!

There will be four competitive events running simultaneously, in women’s and men’s divisions.  Come watch or participate in any or all events who will throw farthest, or be the most accurate?  Check with the moderator of each event for more details.

Hammer Throw  – Main Field

Axe Throw – Main Field

Archery – Archery Range – Lower field below Ve-stead

Rifle Shoot – Shooting range – up in the woods

Mead Competition

Greetings Mead Makers! This year, as always, we will be having a competition to see who brewed the best mead. The meads will be judged by Greg Fink and some lucky winners chosen from the ECT Raffle.

The Rules:
1) There will be three categories:

Traditional – no flavor adjuncts other than honey
Melomels – mead with fruit as the only adjunct
Other – includes spices, herbs, maple, braggots

*If you’re not sure where your mead should be entered, Greg will help you.  Winner for each category will be chosen, and a “Best of Show” for the grand prize.

**For the past couple years, we have had fewer than normal entries, so if less than three in any category, all meads will be combined into one category.

2) When entering, please provide a bottle with no labels or label covered. When you enter, provide information regarding the style of mead. It will be judged on how well it represents its style.

3) The mead maker MUST BE AN ATTENDEE of ECT. No bringing your buddy’s mead and passing it off as your own.

4) One mead per category please.

5) Please no bottle bombs. Make sure your mead is fit for human consumption.

6) If you like, please keep a bottle in reserve. In the past, winners have auctioned off the winning mead for the ECT Auction.

Viking Games 2018 Winners

Adult Archery Youth Archery
1st Skadi Snook 1st Ian Plitnick
2nd Raven Fitzcarraldo 2nd Natalie Stahl
3rd Mike Stahl 3rd Jack Bennett
Axe Throw Riflery
1st Wulf Johnson 1st Bill Fix
2nd Chris Gibat 2nd Mike Markowski
3rd Liz Hynson 3rd Bill Dwyer
Womens Hammer Toss Mens Hammer Toss
1st Kelly Graham 1st Chuck Högnell
2nd Sara Perrault 2nd Mark Anderson
3rd Jen Bath 3rd Danny Ford