Workshops & Classes 2019

Do you have a skill that is of general interest to a heathen audience? Would you like to share your latest research on a heathen topic? We seek knowledgeable presenters for workshops and talks at East Coast Thing 2019. Whether you would like to give a hands-on introduction to a craft, to provide a lecture about your special interest, or to inspire fellow heathens with instructions for projects with which you’ve succeeded in the past, we welcome your application. Help enrich your community with your knowledge and passion!

We have two workshop categories: practical – “hands-on” or derived from personal experience – and theoretical – presentations with a thesis that challenge or expand historical scholarship. Theoretical workshops are required to include a source list for their attendees written in an academic format (CMS, MLA, or APA). Degrees or relevant coursework are NOT required, merely the ability to defend a thesis based on current scholarship. Practical workshops are also encouraged to provide their attendees with a list of further reading suggestions. These changes will ensure that workshop attendees acquire the ability to pursue further knowledge beyond the Thing, and keep presenters accountable for the information they provide.

Space is limited. For consideration, apply to by April 15th with a detailed description of your potential class, including whether it is practical or theoretical, and a brief history of your previous relevant work. We will reply to your submission no later than May 1st.